Tuesday, August 20, 2013

August 11 2013 I made it through another week

4 sisters in the Jeepney

Doing Laundry

Jeepney:  There are two benches inside and you just cram in as many people as you can

Philippine cemetery

Dear Family,

Oh man, I am super jealous that you are in Lake Powell right now.  I really really really want to be there right now.  Sigh.  Oh well!  I'm off on an adventure in the Philippines instead so that's exciting!!!  Haha.   Sounds like the house has been crazy lately.  Is Johnny ready for college??  Sounds like he had a super succesful summer with carpet cleaning. 

So time for the funny language mistake I make this week.  One elder in district conference asked me if I had a boyfriend back at home.  I meant to say "wala" (I don't have) but I said "wahlo" (eight) instead.  Super funny and they all laughed at me.  So far I think that's the only funny mistake I've made.  The rest are all gramatical.  

As far as food, I mostly like it here.  Good thing I like rice!  But5 the other day, we went to a members house and she gave us something that looked like huge deep fried chips.  I asked sister Mafi what it was and she said it was deep fried pig skin.  They eat every part of the pig here.  It didn't taste that bad but just knowing what it was, I didn't like it.  Luckily it didn't have any hair left on it!  Also, this is going to surprise a lot of people....but my favorite thing that I have eaten here has been french toast!  I think I was missing American food and knowing that it wasn't going to make me sick.  I always say a prayer before I eat anything here and pray that I won't get sick from it.  The sanitation isn't the same here.  

Probably my favorite part of the week was doing our laundry.  It was kind of fun to do our laundry by hand and that was the only time during the week pretty much that i felt clean.  This week I also saw a funeral procession.  When someone dies, they have the hearse drive down the street and everyone walks behind it moaning and mourning.  It was kind of cool to see.  Also, their cemetaries are above ground.  They just build a cement box and put the person inside it.  Maybe it's because it rains so much so digging a hole wouldn't work.  

This week we had a brownout where they turned the power off for the whole day.  It was suuuuper hot with no fans.  I learned the literal meaning of the phrase "Modest is hottest".  I also had an exchange with Sister Greene the other American in our house.  She's only been out for 3 months so it was a little scary to be out teaching by ourselves.  After a few appointments a member came with us and he helped out soooo much.  

Also, everyone here has funny names like Jun Jun, Apple, etc.  One of the members here has a son named Astin Martin.  I laughed at that one.  And a member last night told us that a typhoon is supposed to hit the Philippines in a day or two.  So I'm really curious to see if it hits Gua Gua.  I really don't want it to flood.....

I'm starting to be able to participate a lot more in the lessons.  Unfortunately, I don't understand Filipinos when they talk to me.  I can just talk to them.  Part of the problem is that they talk so quietly and the other problem is that they don't speak gospel language which is all that I learned at the MTC.  But it will come.  I can pretty much always understand my companion in the lessons so that's an improvement!  And this week, our senior missionaries came to help us for a day and we got to ride in a car with ari conditioning!  We felt super spoiled.  I'd forgotten what AC felt like and what silence sounded like.  

We had many lessons fall through this week but they were made up by some really spiritual lessons that happened because we didn't go to the other appointments.  The problem is here that people feel the spirit but they always say they can't afford the fare to get to church.  Trials are real!

Well, I love you all and I wish I could be in Powell with you.  Thanks for the emails!!

Mahal Kita

Sister Sirrine

PS - Dad, toilet paper is super expensive here so we go by the 4 square rule.  I thought you would find that funny! 
PPS  Probably the best way to talk is through emails but letters will get here I think within two weeks.  But then I have to wait for someone to come up from the mission office and bring the letter so usually that doesn't happen for six weeks.  So letters work fine but I might not get them for a while!  Also, I mailed you guys a insurance reimbursment form for the shot I had to get in the MTC.  I don't know if you got it but could you mail that in and then put the money back into my checking account?  Thanks!

Pictures:  This is a picture of their cemetaries, me doing my laundry, us four sister in the jeepney and the inside of a jeepney.

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