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December 9, 2013 Hello!

Driving a tricycle! joke lang
Ice cream!  15 pesos lang sa 7 11!!! I love it!

Glydel Roque just turned 13
The Yambao family
Hello Family!

Me and my two Polynesian children!
So this week was pretty good.  One of the Sisters finished her mission and so she went home.  And so we were in a trisome until Sister Makihele got her new comp.  It was really funny to be in a companionship with two Tongans.  All of us foreigners!  I realized the reason why you should never put two polynesians in a companionship.  They laughed and laughed and laughed the whole 3 days!  It was really fun.  And It was super funny because the people always talk to Sis Makihele or Sis Hausia (because they look like they could be Filipino) and then I'm the one that answers (because I can understand them!).  I wish you could see the faces of the people here when I'm the one that talks to them in Tagalog. It was especially good that we were in a trisome of laughter on Tuesday because we were punted the entire day.  As in no appointments.  Everyone was gone.  But masaya pa rin kami!  We just laughed and so everyone probably thinks we're crazy here!

Sister Makihele &  new comp Sister Gabelo, Sis Hausia & me.  
But we found several new investigators this week that I am excited about.  One is Mary and she is sobrang magaling!  She asks a lot of questions but they are all the right kind of questions (not the kind trying to get us to trip up).  And she is very welcome to having us come back.  A lot of times they'll say "Oh next week, same time" but she was willing to let us come back a few days later.  Hopefully we will be able to teach her husband and her children too!  She really wants us too!  We've really realized how hard it is to convert a sister if her husband isn't converted too.  Or at least listening to the missionaries too.  Because the father is the head of the household and so it's important for him to feel respected or at least be okay with our teaching.  Pretty much if the father joins...eventually the family will follow.

Me and sis hausia
Also we have one family that I really really really want to see baptized.  I can see that they aren't entirely happy in their family right now but I know how much the gospel will bless their lives.  We've really tried to focus on the husband because the wife is more than willing but the husband is hesitant.  They promised they would come to church but unfortunately that didn't happen.  We don't really know why...hopefully mamaya we will know.  That really is the hardest thing!  The investigators say that they feel what we are saying is true, but they don't come to church!  We had 9 investigators promise they would come and we had zero show up.  A little disappointing but we just keep praying for them and trying to see what we can do better in our teaching to help them realize how important coming to church is.  I'm a little worried that my teaching isn't effective because week after week, we have no investigators at church.  And of course, Sis Hausia follows my teaching pattern because I'm her trainer.  I still feel way too new and feel like my teaching needs so much improvement!  But I guess that's where the spirit will take over.  Of course we can't teach this gospel like it should be, and so that's when the spirit will testify to the them that what we are saying is true.  Even if it was said in very ugly Tagalog or didn't completely make sense.  I just keep praying that I am worthy enough to always have the spirit with me because I have definitely seen what the lessons are like when the spirit is not there.  Not good.
Ouc\r branch presidency...and John Malig.  Four of the most helpful members here!

Other than that, we are trying to find new investigators but I think we've finally got a set teaching pool.  It's been kind of hard because everyone is willing to listen to me because I am American, but they're not always interested.  So the last 6 weeks has been a lot of teaching the Restoration and filtering! But I think we've got some promising investigators....still early to tell but I have faith!

Oh, and also, for all you who were wondering, Gua Gua is pronounced Gwa Gwa.  Also, mom, look for the Philippines Olongapo Families facebook page.  President Querido updates pictures and stuff on there.  And he recorded a video of me saying hello to you.  And I spoke in all Tagalog so you can hear what it sounds like....with an American accent of course!  So look for that.  And also, just to give you an idea of how much rice we eat...7 kilos every week.  Just an interesting fact :)

I love you all and I know that I was definitely called here to Olongapo mission and the Gua Gua area for a reason.  I have already seen a change in my testimony and I know how important this work is.  Have a great week!

Sister Sirrine

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