Monday, March 10, 2014

March 3, 2014 March Already!

My las pic with Sis Pati-on!

Me and syril De Claro (granddaughter of Merlina)

Hello Family!

Wow this week went by super fast!  We had transfer day on Wednesday and I got a new companion: Sis Salado!  Again!  Everyone couldn't believe that we were assigned as companions again.  It's kind of unusual with how many sisters there are in the mission now.  But I was excited because I learned so much from her.  And I guess I still have more to learn.  Hopefully she was excited to get me as her companion again...haha

Baptism of Merlina De Claro!!!!

The big news of the week is that we had a baptism this week!  Sister Merlina De Claro was baptized on Feb 28. It's been a long road to her baptism because at first her husband wouldn't agree to it.  But eventually, he agreed.  so we went to her the morning of the baptism and she was really sad that Sister Pati-on got transferred.  And, she was really feeling the influence of Satan trying to get her not to be baptized.  She asked if we could do the baptism on another day.  She said that she didn't feel ready.  We got really worried and assured her that she was ready.  We read some scriptures and told her that was what Satan wanted her to think, that she wasn't ready.  So she agreed.  She showed up to the church and we could see she was still hesitant.  But when she came up out of the baptismal font, she had the biggest smile on her face.  She said that she had the best feeling and all the other feelings from earlier were gone.  And then she bore a wonderful testimony afterwards.  It was short, but definitely from her heart. And it was so great to see her on Sunday at church because usually she is really quiet and shy and doesn't talk to people at church.  Just us.  But yesterday, she was smiling and talking to people and looked like she was really enjoying church.  That's one of my favorite things about a mission:  seeing the change in people when they accept baptism and the Holy Ghost.  It is literally an immediate change.  It's really neat.

We had one sadness this week.  Our investigator Norgito eguita (77 years old) was really sad that Sis Pati-on got transferred, espcially that it was so sudden.  so now he doesn't want to come to church.  I think that it's because he's afraid that he'll get attached to people and then they'll leave him.  that's the hard thing about teaching older people.  They get attached to the missionaries really easily.  But we're going to work hard to find him fellowshippers and hopefully he'll realize that he needs the church.  He's already finished the BoM and he's only had it for 2 weeks!
Our investigator Norgito Eguita (in pink) and Elder Doyle the couple missionary

Other than that, it was a pretty normal missionary week.  We have one family that I'm getting really excited about.  They came to church yesterday and they are really interested in the lessons.  They are keeping their commitments and I'm really hoping that the mom and the son will be baptized this march.  I'm a little worried about the father because he doesn't want to listen to us and so we are worried that he won't agree.  But we are trying to talk to him and soften his heart so he'll let his family be baptized.  And hopefully him!!!

well, I love you all!  I hope that you are all doing well and reading your scriptures daily.  I know the church is true!

Mahal ko kayo!
sister Sirrine

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