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March 17, 2014 Another week in the mission

This is our cooking demo that we had as a zone this week.  We cooked Estopado (so delicious but I felt like I had high cholesterol and diabetes afterwards!) and this is our high tech stove.  You can see how big the woks are here!  I love it!  Mom this is what we need to feed our family!

Hello Family!

Well, this week was busy and there was lots of work for us.  It was nice because we were kind of punted last week but this week was good.  First of all, I am so EXCITED for Ellen and Melvin to be baptized!  They are seriously golden investigators.  Sometimes  I kind of don't believe that they are really going to be baptized because they are progressing so fast.  We literally taught them and the first week they came to church and keep all the commitments that we give them.  Also, when we taught them word of wisdom, Melvin stopped immediately and Ellen cut down from 7 cups of coffee a day to 1.  And then we told her that she has to stop altogether to be baptized and so far she hasn't had coffee.  The only set back was that yesterday, Melvin didn't come to church because he hadn't washed his clothes and he was embarrassed to come to church in just t-shirt and jeans because he saw how formal everyone is.  But he was really sad that he didn't go to church and we think we have permission to get him baptized if he'll come to two more Sundays, since he is so ready.  Also, it's so great when we go there because they complete their reading assignments and THEY UNDERSTAND!!!!  It's crazy!  They tell us exactly what happened in their reading.  And, the last few times, Melvin's little brother has sat in and even though we are halfway through the lessons, he started reading the Book of Mormon too and basically has his passages memorized.  They are really smart and totally ready to be baptized.  And that's how the whole family is!  They are very spiritual.  Even though Melvin and Ellen will be first, I feel like the whole family will be baptized eventually.

This week we had 18 new investigators.  We were really hoping to get to 20 yesterday, but it didn't quite happen.  And we had 5 investigators at church.  After 6 months in Gua Gua where it was a miracle if even 1 person came to church and was progressing, this is like a missionary's dream area.  I feel like there's got to be a challenge coming soon....

We went and taught Merlina (who was baptized Feb 28) and were reviewing the WoW and Chastity lessons with her.  She said that on the day of her baptism, when we went to her house in the morning, and she wanted to move her baptism to Mar 8.  She said it was because there was a birthday party on Mar 6 and she knew there would be alcohol and she wasn't sure that she could keep the word of wisdom.  So she wanted to move her baptism.  Of course, we pushed her and she was baptized on Feb 28.  Then she said that on Mar 6, she went to the birthday party but didn't drink.  She told her friends that she had become a good girl now.  But she said that if she hadn't have been baptized, she is sure that she would have drunk.  I felt the spirit so strong in that lessons because originally, her date was March 8.  But then our baptism for February fell through and so we pushed her to Feb 28 to be able to meet our goal.  I knew then that there was a reason that the other baptism didn't happen and that pushing Merlina forward two weeks was inspired by Heavenly Father.  Because she was able to obtain the spiritual strength in those two weeks to be able to keep the commandments of our Father in Heaven.

Also, Merlina's two daughters came to church yesterday!!!  They are SUPER shy and never come out of hiding when we are there so we haven't been able to teach them. But now we have hope!  Merlina really wants her family to accept the gospel and hopefully this is going to be the time for her two daughters!

Herson is doing okay but still can't give up the smoking. We're trying everything we can think of and then we had a lesson with him last night and I felt inspired to tell him that the Word of Wisdom is a revelation from God to his prophet Joseph Smith.  Then for some reason I asked him if he believed that Joseph Smith is a prophet of God.  He said that he didn't know.  We realized that he couldn't keep the word of wisdom because he doesn't really know if this is a commandment from God and he doesn't have a testimony of Joesph Smith.  I was so thankful for the Holy Ghost in that lesson that prompted us to talk about prophets!

Well, I just feel so blessed to be on a mission right now.  This really is a special privilege from the Lord.  One of the members here in Masinloc just returned from her mission and worked with us one day. We went and visited a less active who is an RM. They both told me and Sis Salado how hard it is to be an RM, that there are more challenges AFTER your mission.  I don't want to be an RM! haha.  But I know that a mission is a big blessing and I have already learned so much here.

I know the church is true and I know that Joseph smith was a prophet of God.  I know that hanggang ngayon, nagpapahayag ang Diyos sa kanyang propeta si Thomas S Monson.  At alam ko din na ang ebanghelyo ni Jesu Cristo ay ang makakatulong sa atin buhay. Kahit anuman ang problema at pagsubok natin!

Have a great week!

Sis Sirrine

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