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March 24, 2014

Me, Sis Salado, and Jasmine Tugas

We're eating squid this week!

Hello Family!

This week has been much of the same.  Such is the life of a missionary.  But, I have really learned about the power of prayer this week.  So when we first started teaching Ellen, we were really worried that her husband wouldn't agree to the baptism because they are Born Again and he was pretty adamant about that.  Also, he doesn't really like to talk to us and when we show up there, he always leaves.  So we were really worried that he would feel like we were taking over his family.  So every day we were praying for him and that he would agree to the baptism.  About two weeks ago, we were finally able to have a conversation with him and he said if they wanted to get baptized, they could.  And then last week, we double check with Ellen and she said that he said it was fine.  (He kind of has a stern appearance so we weren't really sure.  We're a little bit nervous of him) So last Tuesday, we were getting all their information for their baptism and we found out that Ellen's last husband is actually dead.  Here in the Philippines, there isn't divorce, just annulment and it's really expensive.  So we have permission from the first presidency that if they were married before and separated and now are living with a new spouse, they can be married. If it's been at least 7 years they've been together.  So we knew that Ellen wasn't married to this man but we thought it was okay because she had a previous marriage.  But then we found out that the past husband died.  So the marriage is automatically annulled. So we were all so excited about her baptism this Sunday, but then we had to tell her that they need to be married before she can be baptized.  She got really sad looking and we assured her that we would help her.  She then asked, "What if he doesn't agree?" She said that for a while now she's been feeling like they need to be married but it just hasn't happened either for money reasons or maybe because he doesn't really want to.  So we told her to talk to her husband.  Then, of course we prayed for them.  Every day.  Every prayer.  We were a little scared to go back to them on Saturday, I was almost sure that there was going to be a problem with the husband.  We asked how her preparation for baptism was going and she smiled and said that they've got all the paperwork except his death certificate and that he agreed.  He actually said, "When is the wedding?"  We were so so so happy!!!!  So Happy. We have been praying for them so much and I realized that day the Lord did a miracle for them.  I realized that miracles don't always mean that someone is miraculously healed of cancer instantly or something of that sort.  Sometimes miracles take a long time but they are still miracles.  But it can take time to soften someones heart or heal some deep wounds that are caused by sins but the Lord will work miracles and make the impossible happen.  And I know, that prayers are powerful.  Ellen will be baptized but it will take a few weeks for us to get the marriage in place.  I hope that I am still here for the wedding!  We would get to go to it!  That would be exciting!

We've also been praying every day, every prayer for Herson and slowly, I think we are starting to see a miracle.  I think that it might still be a while before he can quit his smoking but slowly the Lord is working with him and I know that he will be baptized.  I told Sis Salado that I have never prayed so much for one person in my whole life.  I know that the Lord hears and answers our prayers but it is definitely not all at once and immediately.  If we are patient and continue our heartfelt prayers, they will be answered.  Just like in Alma.  Who knows how many months or years his father prayed for him until the angel appeared to him and his heart was changed.  I'm sure there were many people that thought that kind of change of heart was impossible.  I know that there are many people here that it is impossible to give up smoking or coffee or they don't have a desire to get married.  It impossible that that would change.  But somehow it does because the Lord is always working with them.

Well,that's pretty much all.  Of course there's more but too much for 1 email.  I know that the church is true.  I know that Heavenly Father loves each and everyone of us and that he is doing everything for us to be able to return to him and enjoy all the blessings that he has to give us.

Mahal na mahal ko kayo!

Sister Sirrine

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