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April 28, 2014 Hello!

Pretty sunset over the bukid (farm or field)

Well, this week was pretty good (I'm pretty sure I start all my emails like that.  Sana hindi kayo magsawa sa paulit-ulit ko....).  Yesterday we were punted pretty much all day because it was a fiesta here.  Man, the Filipinos really like to party.  I feel like they have fiestas all the time.  It's really hard on the missionary work.  And hard on the people trying to live the Word of Wisdom.  But it's okay because we always get fed lots of delicious food.  So although we are kind of bummed that we don't have very many appointments, at least we are really full....!

But, We had some exciting things happen.  First of all, the other sisters here in Sta Cruz had a baptism on Saturday.  On a whim, we decided to text our investigators and invite them.  We were just heading out to proselyte when they texted back and said they would come.  We were so surprised!  So we went to the church and gave them a tour (they were actually really interested at that) and then they watched the baptism.  And, all three of them were men.  I could not believe that we got three men to come!  Well, we didn't, the Lord did.  And then at church the next day, they came again and one other of our investigators.  All four, men!  (Just in case you don't know, usually getting men to come to church and baptisms is a lot harder than the women.  And to have that many at one time is amazing!) Church yesterday was a little....unorganized....but Sis Empalmado and I were just praying the whole time that they would feel the spirit.  It's amazing that although we are not perfect, the Spirit can make anything perfect and it can help us realize the truth despite the imperfections.  We were a little worried when the priesthood got out (what would be there reaction? Did they enjoy it? Did they have friends in priesthood?'s stressful to be a missionary and bring investigators to church!  You want everything to be perfect, but it never will be) But, they came out smiling.  And one of them said to me just before he left "My brain is full of all good things.  There's nothing bad in here."  I was so excited to hear that!  So excited!  The spirit really can do amazing things! and, it's just a testimony that this is the true church although the teachers aren't professional pastors or sometimes we don't know what we're doing but we are trying and the Lord sees that.

And...we had our first rainstorm of the year!!!!!  Oh man I've missed the rain!  It is so so so hot here in the summer that Sis Empalmado and I were almost jumping for joy when it started raining.  And, it rained HARD.  It was really good too because the people feel bad for us that we are walking out in the storm and they let us into there houses and then, just like Ammon did to king Limhi we "caught [them] with guile" and started teaching them.  And we found a less active because of the rainstorm too.  God definitely works in mysterious ways.

Other than that pretty normal week.  I really love my companion!  I don't know why but President keeps pairing me up with the nicest Filipinos in the mission.  Maybe it's because I need to be nicer so I'm supposed to learn from them.  But I am really learning to trust my companion and become best friends with her.  If we are not united as a companionship, how can we be united in spreading the gospel to the people here.  It is so true that "if ye are not one, ye are not mine."  And that is especially true in a companionship.  And so true also in a family.  So keep reading your scriptures and doing family prayer and family scripture study.  I can totally see that the family is under attack because if the family can be destroyed, we have nowhere to go to get our strength.

I love you all!  Have a great week!

Sister Sirrine

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