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August 11, 2014 Hello!

Missionaries of Pilar branch with District President Samson and Brother Narding

With Brother Narding

Hello family! Kamusta na?

Well, it is the few days before transfer day.  I'm pretty sure that I'm not going anywhere because I just got transferred here.  I'm really curious to see if Sis Leakehe will be transferred and what all is going to happen with the transfers because we have a new president.  I've only had 1 comp for more than 1 transfer but maybe this one will be different.  I wouldn't mind it because I love sis Leakehe but I just hope that she won't get sick of me....

With Sis Leakehe

Also, this week was an interesting week.  We were punted Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday.  Pretty much every appointment we had were not at their houses.  So of course, when you are punted, you start knocking doors and try and find someone new to teach.  Palpak.  Thursday was the worst.  We knocked on doors for HOURS and NO ONE would talk to us.  Most people wouldn't even come out of their house.  They'd just look at us and walk back in the house.  We've never really had that happen before to this extent.  Usually people are hospitable here and at lease a few will talk with us for a minute before saying they're not interested.  And usually we'll eventually get into a house.  But not on Thursday.  It was crazy.  Sis Leakehe was a little disheartened (well we both were), but honestly it was like being back in Gua Gua. And now I really realize just how hard it was in Gua Gua!  I'm glad that was my first area :)

But we had a good day on Saturday!  We got a text from the Relief Society members that they were going to visit people and asked if we wanted to join.  So we did splits and got a lot of appointments in.  And of course, it is soooooo helpful when the members come with us.  We had a set back with Lizette about their marriage because her dad doesn't want to agree to it.  he wants a wedding and do all the traditional stuff here so he wants it next year.  So they texted us and said that they'll do it next year.  We took the relief society members to them and it was so good because they understand the traditions here and said just get married legally right now and then next year, have a big celebration.  And they gave them all these reasons why it is beneficial for their family for taxes and salary and all that stuff.  So it was really good because of course we don't understand all that.  I think they are going to try and talk to her dad and convince him that they need to get married.

We have this one investigator named Al that is so hard headed!  but, we are making progress with him.   We can tell that when he converts, he is going to be a stake president someday.  Anyway, his progress is slow but we can see it!  He still doesn't believe that Joseph Smith is a prophet and uses the excuse that the bible says no one has seen god.  So we showed him the Restoration video and we totally felt the spirit.  And he felt it too!  he said "Sisters, I almost believe that he is a prophet.  Almost, but not yet." Then he ruined it and started saying "but he had like 30 wives...." but he never used the excuse that no one has seen god again.  He's getting there!  we just need to get him to read the Book of Mormon.  It is so true that in our day, there are miracles.  This man is so stubborn and hard headed and doesn't believe but for some reason, he keeps letting us come back, and slowly we are seeing him change and start to believe.  We may not see miracles of people coming back from the dead but we see the miracle of the gospel changing people's lives.  That in and of itself is a miracle!

That's all I got for today.  I hope everyone is enjoying summer.  The last few days I've felt like it is summer again here.  Hot.  But I love the people here and I love the work.  I feel so blessed to be able to be giving the people the gospel here in the Philippines!
Flood and rain!

mahal ko kayo!
Sister Sirrine
With Sis Mappatao

Just a little addition to my letter about being punted.... This morning, we watched a talk about missionary work and the atonement and it said that missionary work is hard because salvation is not easy.  It wasn’t easy for Jesus Christ and it’s not easy us.  So when we have those days that we feel disheartened or ask why it isn't easier if this is the true church, we just need to think of the atonement of Jesus Christ. Elder Holland said, “when you are ridiculed, spit on, rejected, for one small moment, you are standing shoulder to shoulder with the greatest person that ever lived.” And He knows exactly what we are going through.  I really liked that, and that really is what I think when I feel discouraged in the work.   I am not the first person that this happened to and it’s not anything like what happened to Christ.  So I just need to keep on pushing and moving forward, and in the end we see the blessings of our service because of our joy when we see the people that we were able to help in the Celestial Kingdom.


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