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July 28, 2014 Hello Family! More investigators!

A bridge over in Wawa.  Some of the stuff here is a little sketchy but it's funny, as a missionary, I have no fear.  Like literally.  Really weird....

Hello Family!!!!

Well, this week was another week in the mission!  And it was a pretty good week.  We had 6 investigators at church yesterday and 8 less actives! The branch president was so happy .  He was practically beaming.  Every week our sacrament attendance gets higher and higher.  I think by the time I leave here it will be a pretty good branch.  It’s so fun to be assigned to a branch were so much progress is happening!  We’re hoping that this August we’re going to have baptisms.  It’s been two months here that there hasn't been a baptism.  But we’re pretty sure that Delio is going to be baptized this month.  He is so excited about it and he really understands what we are teaching him.  We asked him how his reading the Book of Mormon was going and he said it was good.  Then he proceeded to tell us about all the things that happened and even quoted some scriptures like 1 Nephi 14:10.  He said “So there’s only two churches pala in the world.” And he even told us some things that a member of the Iglesia ni Cristo told him and then he said “But it says here in Nephi….”  And totally used the Book of Mormon to dispute what they had told him.  And over and over he just kept saying, “this book is true, this book is true.”  We’re really excited about him and he is excited about his baptism.  And he seems to really enjoy church and the members have been really good about fellowshipping him.

This week we got 27 new investigators!  Me and Sis Leakehe were on fire!  It was awesome and we found two families that we were able to teach that had been taught years ago by the elders.  And they really seemed to love the elders back then so they were very welcoming to us.  Hopefully this is their time to accept the gospel.   We’ll see about that, but it was really fun to teach families.  The teaching just feels a lot more complete because this message really is for families.  This is the way that families can be together forever.  I have seen so many people here in the mission that only one or two are members and they are really happy, but kind of sad because they know that it means they can’t be together with them forever unless they accept it too.  But, the Lord knows when people are ready and He will give them many chances because this is so important!!!
Wawa destruction

Over in Wawa which was our area that was hit really hard by the storm.  This is one week after the storm and you can see all the debris that is still there.

We got two new investigators that live over in Wawa which was our area that was hit hardest by the typhoon.  We went there one week after the storm and it was still so crazy.  So much destruction.  As in, we didn't even really know where we were because the whole look of the place had changed.  Where there used to be houses, there is now ocean.  But we were able to find some new investigators including Elena and Erika Mandi. They were taught in Lubao and then moved here and the Sisters referred them to us.  They are golden and hopefully will be baptized this month.  We’re just waiting to help get them married first and then they can be baptized.  Hopefully everything goes smoothly and we can get their birth certificates quickly. Cross your fingers!  No wait, pray…that’s more effective.

Well, that’s the update here.  I love my companion and I love the work here in Pilar.  Although missionary work is really hard sometimes, it is so rewarding.  And it is an amazing trust that our Heavenly Father has given us to spread the gospel to people everywhere.  Hope you all have a great week and kept reading your scriptures every day.  Especially the Book of Mormon!  It was written for us!

Mahal ko kayo!
Sister Sirrine

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