Sunday, October 19, 2014

October 13, 2014 General Conference

Trajano Family at General Conference!  Left to right: Joshua, Juzzmin, John Mark, Mark
Hello family!

Another week down and it was awesome!  I loved General Conference and felt like the themes were temples and prophets.  Pretty much what I talk about all day here so that was really good to hear a lot of their talks.  I can't wait to read them again in the Liahona and review what they said.  And I can't WAIT to go to the temple again. That is one of the things that I miss the most here.  It was super awesome yesterday because there was a fiesta in Pilar. When there is a fiesta, everyone celebrates in the whole city.  So we were really worried that no one would come to General Conference.  So we'd been telling all of our investigators and recent converts and less actives about it for weeks.  And the other thing, they had to travel to a different city to watch it.  So it's more expensive and takes more time.  But when we got to the church, Mark Trajano and his kids were there, Delio and James were there, Helen Alfuente, Fretch Lero, and Bro Lopez were all there!  All of our less actives and recent converts!  We were so happy!  There were a lot of active members that didn't show up but the recent converts were there.  It was great.

The Trajano family is doing awesome.  We're going to get Juzzmin and John Mark baptized on Oct 25.  Juzzmin is super excited.  John Mark is....well, we'll make him excited!  But Mark is going strong and I think he's going to be a leader here.  They invited us over for dinner yesterday (because there was a fiesta!) and one of his friends and his wife was over at their house.  The friend had a bottle of beer and was drinking it and smoking.  Mark said after a while, pointing to the bottle, "He didn't believe me when I said that I don't drink anymore." Mark was sipping a glass of water.  His friend laughed and said yeah, I thought he'd give in.  Mark said, "Nope, I've changed now." and then pointed to his baptismal certificate that he had framed and hung on the wall.  His friend then teased him about how the next fiesta all of their friends would be there and Mark would stay the night at his house.  Mark shook his head and said, "No way, I'm going to go home.  I'll drink water and go home!"  We were so happy!  Mark said he's been teased by a lot of his fellow workmen but he just shares with them the word of wisdom.  He even took the work of wisdom pamphlet to work and while he was sitting for a break, read it to them.  (they all smoke and drink) He's a really good missionary!

During fiestas, they sell chicks that are dyed different colors.  Pink, green, yellow, purple.  The kids buy them and play with them.

Well, that's kind of all.  There was a lot more that happened I'm sure but I can't remember it now.  Me and Sis Domingo are just enjoying being here in Pilar. It definitely has it's challenges but the work is awesome here.  Just when you know the lessons, you know how to be a missionary, you can kind of speak the language, they tell you to go home.  I struggled to love being a missionary at the beginning, but I love it so much now!  I love being able to help the Lord with this important work and I know how important it is.  Everyone needs this in their life, just like Elder Bednar said in General Conference.  We should all be excited to share it.

Love you all!  Have a great week!
Sister Sirrine

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