Monday, June 30, 2014

June 30, 2014 A New Mission President

These are the kinds of bridges that we sometimes cross here....

Buko!!!! (young coconut)
Opened the buko with a machete :) Buko juice is the best!!! Sobrang masarap!

Wooooohhhh!!!! Got my package :)

Hello Family!

Well, the big news of the week is that we got a new Mission president yesterday and he is American.  So it means that all of our meetings will be in English, which will be different.  All of the Filipinos have been worrying about it, but they'll be fine.  They are all really good at English.  I'm curious to see what the changes will be in my mission because of the new president.  Kind of strange because I can't imagine any other president than President Querido!  But it will be good :)

So this week was a lot of finding new investigators.  It's a good thing that my comp likes to talk to people so finding is pretty easy for us.  We taught a first lesson the other day and told them that we were both from Utah.  A little bit into the lesson, they asked us if we were sisters.  I wanted to laugh at that.  Here I am a white girl and Sis Leakehe is a Tongan.  It was pretty funny.

With Sis Leakehe by the rice fields!
What a rice field looks like

We found one guy that I really feel good about.  He hasn't come to church yet but I feel hopeful about him.  His name is Jhong and he has had a really hard life. We taught him two weeks ago and  then we went back to him again this week.  We asked him if he prayed about our message and he said that after we left, he read the whole pamphlet and then prayed if Joseph Smith was a true prophet.  We asked what the answer was and he said he hadn't gotten one yet.  So I asked what feeling he got afterwards.  He said that it was a good feeling.  Like clear and light inside. (that's a weird Tagalog translation to English...) So I showed him a scripture that is in the lesson 1 pamphlet about what the spirit is like.  He read it and said "Wow!  was that really in here? I swear I read the whole thing.  But that is exactly what I felt!"  And then he said to us that before we came to him, he was having a really hard time.  He wasn't really happy here and was thinking about selling his land here and moving back to Manila.  He has a lot of family problems and just wasn't happy with his life.  But he said when we went to him the other week and taught him, he felt peace in his life. And he said that now he has no thoughts of selling his land.  He said that he felt we were sent to him and he's excited to learn our message.  It was such a neat experience and It is interesting how Heavenly Father knows exactly the right timing for everyone.  He didn't come to church yet, but I am really hoping that reading the Book of Mormon will help him gain a desire to come to church!

Also, we taught the son of a less active who wasn't baptized.  We were in the middle of teaching him when he stopped us and asked Sis Leakehe if she remembered on June 10 that when they were walking by his house, she stopped and said "Brother!  We have a gift for you!"  and then gave him an Articles of Faith pass-a-long card.  We were a little surprised and Sis Leakehe said Yeah, she remembered.  Gilbert said, "That was my birthday.  I was wondering why you gave me a gift.  I was wondering how you knew."  He said that he read all the Articles of Faith and felt they were from God.  When we left his house, we couldn't believe that.  Sis Leakehe said that she didn't know at the time why she gave that to him because they pass his house all the time.  I feel like that experience really helped him want to hear what our message is.  It's amazing to me how Heavenly Father really is mindful of us.  And when we are inspired to do good things, we should do them.  Even if we feel like it is just a silly idea in our head.  Because you don't know what effect that could have.  We were blessed to find out the effect of her acting on that prompting.

Well, Love you all!  Keep reading those scriptures and praying!  And be a light to all the people that are around you.  A lot can happen because of our example to others!

Mahal ko kayo!
Sister Sirrine

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