Monday, June 16, 2014

June 8, 2014 Hello Hello Family

Hello Hello Family!

So this week was another week here in the Philippines.  We're heading into rainy season here and I'm getting really excited!  Like really. I miss the big rainstorms here.  (And if it's raining, it means it's not super hot....) But they did say that if there are rainstorms that we probably will not have electricity so that's a bummer. We'll see.

This week we are so excited about our investigator Manolito.  He is so ready to change and accept the gospel!  We were supposed to teach him about the plan of salvation (lesson 2) but when we got there, he asked us a question about one of the commandments.  Usually, we teach the doctrine first and then the commandments afterwards once their faith is built enough to accept the commandments (like word of wisdom, chastity, tithing etc).  So he asked us a question and we were not sure if we should teach him the lesson about it or not but while he was saying the opening prayer, I was praying to know if he was ready to hear that lesson or not.  I felt like he was ready, so we taught him the lesson on Law of Chastity.  We just taught it to him and at the end, he said "Well, I now know what I need to do.  This is the solution!  thank you so much sisters for teaching this to me."  He was so ready to accept the commandment and he is ready to act on it too.  Even though it's going to be hard to change and repent, he is ready to do so because he felt the spirit tell him that this message is coming from God, not from us.  And on our follow up visit, we taught him the steps to repentance and he wrote them down (he writes down everything: the summary line of his reading from the Book of Mormon, the commitments we give him, the important parts in our lessons, everything.  And then he does it too!).  He's very excited for his baptism and we know that he is ready for it.  Well, he will be ready for it.  And he knows how important it is too.  He understands the scriptures and the commandments when we tell them to him.

Also, something funny that happened: our recent convert, Leonard, asked us on Tuesday if it was a requirement when you bear your testimony to be sad.  (because everyone cries when they bear their testimony...) We laughed and told him no, you can be happy!

And we found two new families that we are excited about.  One of them is supposed to come to church tomorrow and the other will hopefully come next week.  But hopefully that will happen and maybe they can be baptized in  June as well. But maybe not until July. The work is definitely progressing here in Sta Cruz!  Hopefully I get to stay here one more transfer.  We have transfer in two weeks because the next week, president Querido is going home and we get a new mission president.  I'm going to be so sad to see him go!  He and his wife are so amazing!  That will be weird to have a new president....changes, changes!

Well, that's about it!  The work is moving forward here and I know that this is the Lords work.  I love you all!  Have a great week!

Sister Sirrine

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