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November 3, 2014 Teaching two by two

Sis Domingo's last supper....


Well, this week was CRAZY!  On Tuesday morning, Sis Ah Hong was taken to Manila to the hospital (because she still wasn't better) and we were told that she wasn't coming back because she is in the batch to leave this Wednesday.  So she had to get better or they weren't going to let her out of the country.  So she was taken and the three of us were left.  So we had to try and figure out a way to work in both of our areas.  Which is hard.  Trust me.  The first day we spent a lot of money on transportation going back and forth.  And I was so tired at the end of that day.  The next day, the senior missionary couple (Elder and Sister White) came and they were my companions for the day while sis Domingo and Sis Cagata worked in the other area.  I have a testimony of the importance of going out two by two.  It is really hard to be a solo missionary!  The Whites don't know how to speak Tagalog so I had to do it all: teaching, translating, contacting, etc.  (My voice was pretty much shot after that day) I am so grateful that here in the mission, I always have someone to help me (besides the spirit of course) and to be a second witness.  And a help in the teaching.  It is really not the best to just have one teacher, much better if there are two.  But we did have some neat experiences that day.  When we got to one of my areas, we got out of the car (a great bonus of working with the senior couple: they have a CAR!!!! Don't need to pay for transportation!) and a woman came up to me and said "Sister, I am a member."  I found out that she was baptized over 30 years ago and after about 6 years she fell away.  But it made me wonder because we are always in that area, so why that day she decided to come up to us and tell us she was a member? But she has had some trials in her life and she said that the best time in her life was when she was active.  She had so many blessings then.  So she wants to come back and she wants her husband to get baptized as well.  So that's kind of neat!
The Pilar sisters: Sis Ah Hong, Sis Domingo, Sis Cagata and Me!
Then on Thursday, I was working with a member as my companion and we went to a less active who hasn't been at her house for about a week now.  She said that she was angry at her neighbors so she decided to leave before she did something bad.  Then she proceeded to tell us what they did to make her so mad at them (I didn't really want to know that...) and little by little I could feel the spirit leave.  As she was telling the story, she got all worked up and angry again.  There were some words that she was saying that I didn't understand (I understood the story) she was just telling that story so fast that every time I tried to interject and turn it spiritual again, she just kept talking.  Eventually I got to share a scripture and tell her to pray everyday and she calmed down and then we left.  When we were outside, the member told me that she was swearing while she was telling her story.  I said "Oh really?  I didn't really know what she was saying sometimes but I could feel that the spirit was gone."  She laughed and said "No wonder you didn't seem uncomfortable in there!"  Of course!  I don't know swear words in Tagalog!  But it was just a testimony to me how important our language is.  Even though those words really mean nothing to me, I could feel that the spirit was gone.  It is so important to use good language even when people can't understand.  It brings the spirit.

And then on Sunday, we got to watch a Philippines broadcast because Dallin H Oaks came to the Philippines.  It was so good and I learned so much!  They really stressed how important it is to feast daily on the scriptures.  It makes a huge difference in your personal conversion, even if you already believe.  And that you won't fall away if you regularly study the scriptures.  I know that is true!  Opposition is working hard against us but the scriptures are the tools that Heavenly Father has given us to win the battle every day and come out stronger.  I love the scriptures, especially the Book of Mormon!  I know it is true with all my heart because I have read it, studied it, and asked if it was true.  And I was answered that it is.

I love you all!  Keep reading your scriptures especially the Book of Mormon.

Mahal ko kayo!
Sister Sirrine

Last pic with the Trajano family.  Hopefully Marilyn will be baptized this month!

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