Sunday, November 9, 2014

October 27, 2014 Baptism of Juzzmin Trajano

Baptism of Juzzmin Myers Trajano!!!

Hello family!

Well, this week was great!  It was a little strange because Sis Ah Hong was still having to stay at home and rest, so Sis Domingo and I took turns staying home with her and then we halved our time so we worked half the day in our area and half the day in their area.  It was really hard.  We were just trying to get to as many people as we possibly could.  I have been praying so hard about our goals for next month because since our work was kind of disrupted for a few days, we didn’t have any goals really for November.  I have been praying so hard that although our time is only half of what it should be, that we would find some people or the people that we have been teaching would start progressing.  I want to bear testimony that the Lord answers our prayers and he is aware of our situation and if we are giving our best, He will help us and make it enough.  We found a golden investigator that was actually a former investigator and even though we taught her one lesson, she came to church on Sunday.  Two of our investigators that we’ve been teaching started progressing and overcame some challenges to be able to come to church. And a part member has started coming to church with her family who are recent converts.  All of a sudden, we have several possible goals for November and just last Tuesday I was wondering who could possibly be our November goals because we haven’t been able to really work in our area.  And the amazing thing is, the same thing happened to the sisters in the other area.  They had absolutely no goals but some amazing things happened and they have several goals now.  The Lord is really aware of us and He knows when we are trying our best.  Those things shouldn’t have happened with how little time we spent in all of our areas but they did.  We definitely saw a miracle in Pilar!  And now we just have to continue to give our best so that the goals actually happen this month.

And of course, the other exciting news of the week is that Mark Trajano's daughter, Juzzmin was baptized on Saturday!!!!  She was super excited to be baptized.  We really tried to get her older brother to be ready as well, but for some reason he likes playing basketball much more than listening to us.  Sigh.  We'll keep working on him.  And, Mark's wife, Marilyn has been coming to church the last two Sundays.  Hopefully by the time I leave here, she will be ready to be baptized as well!!  I love that family so much!  And Mark is so awesome.  He is really looking forward to being sealed in the temple and does everything he can to get his family to listen to us and read and come to church.  He practically begs his wife to come to church on Sundays.

Well, this is my last week with Sis Domingo.  She is going home next week.  That is so weird.  She is frantically packing all of her stuff (it's not going to fit in her suitcase....) and getting ready to leave.  But this week we are going to work really hard to find more investigators and help the ones that we have to progress.  Even though I have been here for 5 months, I haven't gotten tired of the area yet which is amazing because it is pretty small!  But there are a lot of people here that the Lord is preparing for the missionaries.  The work is really progressing and the prophecy is so true that Joseph Smiths name will be had for good and bad.  EVERYONE is hearing his name!

Well, I love you all! Hope you have a great week!

Mahal ko kayo!

Sister Sirrine

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